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Global Card Systems is dedicated in manufacturing superior RFID cards, wristbands , key tags and innovative in card personalized equipment development. The quality of our products win high reputation in card industry. Customer first is our core belief. Young and enthusiastic team assure our clients fastest and most considerate service.



  • Hotel Key Card

    RFID hotel key card is our hot selling product. Our RFID key cards work with all major lock manufacturers' RFID guestroom lock systems. Such as Salto, KABA, VingCard, Hafele, Onity ect.

    RFID Card/ Contactless Card

    As the name suggests, the RFID cards do not directly come in contact with the card. These cards have an antenna built in the card. The working of these cards is based on radio frequency identification technology.

    PVC/PET Card

    We offer blank PVC card and pre-printed PVC/PET card at finest quality. Our plain card with high durability and capable for any business card printer. Our pre-printed card are printed under Heidelberg Press.

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RFID Products

  • RFID Wristband

    RFID wristbands will give you the ultimate in wristband security. The Radio-frequency chips embedded in the wristband. RFID Wristbands are ideal for events, zone access management and clubs.

    RFID Key Fob/RFID Key Tag

    We offer customizable key fobs with built in LF or HF RFID tags that can be used for a wide variety of applications: access management and security, work time and attendance, loyalty programs, cashless vending, and ticketing for public transportation.

    RFID Label

    Smart label is composed of coupling components and chips, each tag has a unique electronic code,with high-capacity electronic labels has writable storage space for users,and attached to the object to identify the target object.

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Smart Card Personalized Equipment

  • As a professional and reliable smart card production equipment, GCS3000-L personal equipment design for modular structure, the functions of the module are independent of each other, main modules and features include: charting module(one),double cards test module(one, can choose OCR module),up/down contact IC module(each has one, with optional D6 Contact-based Readers),contactless IC module(one, with D8 ,UHF or LF Reader),laser printing module(one),card receiving module, invalid cards collecting module. As well as realize batch issuing of personalized smart card. System supports secondary development and has several successful examples of application at home and abroad.

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Global Card Systems Company Limited was founded in HongKong in 2010. It’s a high-tech entity enterprise that concentrates on the applications of smart card . With smart card , smart card reading & writing and smart card personalized equipment as the core,we engage in R & D, design and production of smart cards, smart card personalization equipment. Our products are widely used in the fields of finance, telecommunication,mobile,industry &commerce taxation, insurance, transportation, education and so on.

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