Hotel Key Card

RFID hotel key card is our hot selling product. Our RFID key cards work with all major lock manufacturers' RFID guestroom lock systems. Such as Salto, KABA, VingCard, Hafele, Onity, Saflok ect.

Low Frequency (125khz) Card

They are widely used with its low price and simple operation. They are commonly used in application such as access control and payment cards staff identification ect. GCS provides a range of different 125KHz cards. EM and TK (EM compatible) are very popular all round the world.Low cost LF 125KHz only read chip card and ISO11784/11785 LF RW card.

Available LF Chip
- TK4100, EM4200
- T5577, T5567
- Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S 256, Hitag S 2048

High Frequency (13.56Mhz) Card

HF RFID Cards is commonly used for ticketing, payment, and data transfer applications. Our HF RFID Cards are mainly made up of two standards, ISO14443 and ISO15693. ISO14443 is often at public transportation cards and access cards, which is known as identification with near distance, the low price and good confidentiality. And for ISO15693, the biggest advantage lies in his recognition efficiency.

Available HF chip
--Mifare (1K, 4K,Ultralight, Plus, Desfire)
--I-Code SLI, I-Code X

Ultra High Frequency (860-960MHz) Card

UHF Card can provide both long-range reading and anti-collision capability. UHF (Ultra High Frequency) rfid card operates at a higher frequency(860-960MHz) than standard Prox Cards (125khz), with a much longer reading distance of approximately 3-4M. Widely used in logistics management, container tracking, data collation.

Available UHF chip
--UCode Gen2
--Aline 9662 H3
--Monza 4QT

Irregular Card

Irregular card means the cards are not in credit card size and shape. Customers can design unique shape for themselves. We can produce perfect customized irregular cards with our special machine which can cut out cards into any shape.We can add RFID technology into irregular cards as well.