Equipment Size And Specifications

Size (length, width, height): 1130X360X650mm Weight: About 60KG Power supply: 220V (-5%~ 10%), 0.75KW Air supply(compressed air):0.6Mpa Card hopper capacity: 400 pieces each single card box

Mainly Technological Index

1,LF(125KHZ)   TK4100/EM4200/T5577 (Read/Save ID)
ISO 14443 Protocol:  S50 (Read/Save UID, writing different data &key in different sectors, recognizing ISSI, Fudan,NXP); S70 (Read/Save UID, writing different data &key in different sectors, data writing in any sector); UL, UL-C, N-tag 203 (Read/Save UID, recognizing UL,UL-C, N-tag 203); Desfire/S20/ S50-7B (Read/Save UID);
ISO 15693 Protocol:   I-CODE SLI (Read/Save UID)
3, Contact IC card
4428/5528/4442/AT24C16 (Detecting quality function)
(Note: UID save can choose decimal, positive and inverse code )

Product Presentation

ZH104 is a RFID card reader, can read and write RF cards, connect with PC machine and related equipment through the USB port, it function that can supports plenty card can be used in those fields with higher security requirements. We offer driver development kit under the window,with demonstration program to realize the all function of RF card access,as well as automatic measurement card operation.

ZH104 IC card reader is the necessary fronted-end processing equipment for the development of IC card related products and system integration, application: telecommunications, postal, taxation, banking, insurance, medical, conference sign, cybercafe management, gas stations, car parks and other charges, stored value, query and other smart card management application systems.