RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands will give you the ultimate in wristband security. The Radio-frequency chips embedded in the wristband. RFID Wristbands are ideal for events, zone access management and clubs. RFID Wristbands can also be custom printed with FULL COLOUR to further enhance your events exposure. The finished product is of the highest photographic quality.

Material option: silicone, fabric,PVC
Chip option: RFID LH/HF/UHF chip

RFID Key Fob/RFID Key Tag

We offers customizable key fobs with built in LF or HF RFID tags that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The various uses include: access management and security, work time and attendance, loyalty programs, cashless vending, and ticketing for public transportation. The most common use of key fobs is for security purposes. They are being used more and more in residence buildings for access to areas like lobby doors, fitness rooms, pools, and storage areas.

RFID Label

Smart label is composed of coupling components and chips,each tag has a unique electronic code,with high-capacity electronic labels has writable storage space for users,and attached to the object to identify the target object. The application of smart label is very large, items management, NFC label, tracking, anti-theft, tickets ect. GCS offers LF, HF and UHF passive labels in different material.